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This is our little history.

We are an Indie Videogame Development Studio based in Costa Rica. Formed by Andrés Vargas, Diego Fernández y Jeff B. Sánchez, combining abilities in Art, Programming and a lot of creativity, make the team to be perfect for this adventure of develop videogames and interactive applications that people can enjoy and have lots of fun.

It was on the 2019 Global Game Jam in Costa Rica where we decided to continue working on the GGJ's proyect giving it a bigger story and more advanced gameplay to the game. Upon that we have evolve to become team with high levels of creativity, teamwork and fierceness to face all kind of projects.

Now we are realeasing our first ever game, targeted to mobile devices, Picnic ANTtack!! A game in which you can releave stress by killing giant ants that want to desttoy your picnic.

We're looking to release our second project in 2020 destined to PC and why not, consoles. So, join us on this adventure and be part of our dreams of create videogames that the people can enjoy!

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Team & Repeating Collaborators
Jeffrey B. Sánchez Graphic Arts, JEDIAN TEAM
Diego Fernández Sánchez Game Design and Programming, JEDIAN TEAM
Andrés Vargas Cubero Game Design and Programming, JEDIAN TEAM
Kevin Murillo Mesén Music and FX
Jason Aguilar Jiménez Music and FX